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  1. Tegn Publishing wants to contribute to a better world by every year giving a percentage of our profits to a charity.

  2. I 2018 5% of our profits go to The Odin Foundation. Their goal is to ensure that all children will be seen, heard and taken seriously.
  3. The Odin Foundation works to prevent bullying, and thereby prevent that the young get their lives ruined to a degree of not wanting to live anymore.
  4. The foundation was established in the fall of 2014 in memory of Odin (13), who tragically ended his own life after years of fighting against bullying.

  5. Former causes we have supported:
  6. In 2017 5% of our profits went to The Norwegian Cancer Society.

Do you have a suggestion for a charity we should support in 2018? Send us an email.
Kontakt oss via e-post: post@tegnforlag.no .

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