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  1. Do you dream about publishing your own book? Do you have a great idea that you need some help to develop?

  2. If you have a manuscript ready for publishing, or if you are just starting out with an idea, Tegn Publishing can help you reach your goals.

  3. We can put you in contact with our copy-editor and proofreader, and help you with book cover design and image editing.

  4. Your fee is calculated individually by the size of your project and how comprehensive the workload is.

  5. You also have the opportunity to sell your book in our online bookstore, and we can help you make a website, Facebook page, Instagram etc.

  6. We would be happy to evaluate your manuscript.

  7. Send us a project description or a chapter in PDF format via e-mail,
  8. and we will contact you to discuss further development.

  9. Contact us via tlf: +47 45027025Contact us via e-mail: post@tegnforlag.no

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